May 17, 2022. Wow! Our volunteers have been going non-stop today! We had a driver go out to get a mom dog and six puppies. We had another volunteer head out ASAP, after a call from a paramedic that was a previous SCARS adopter in 2005, stated there was puppies with no mom (who we heard was killed two days ago) and the pups were hiding under a step. When we arrived, we found 11, five-week-old puppies. Another volunteer went out to pick up two cats. One of which who has some injuries to his nose and looks quite beat up. Another volunteer headed from Guardian Emergency Vet to pick up a cat who has burn wounds and bring to Westlock Vet for ongoing care. We also are celebrating moving a parvo puppy out of the vet and also Cujo will go to a foster home again. We got a call about four, five-month-old pups needing help as well. They’re also now safe in a foster home. Another emergency cat with a missing eye & we suspect she’s pregnant. Another call for an abandoned kitten. That’s over 27 animals TODAY!
Thankfully with great supporters like YOU, great volunteers and all the amazing followers we have… we are fortunate enough to be able to save lives every single day! ❤️❤️
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