March 8, 2022… A mother’s instinct! This little mama was attacked by other dogs while trying to protect her 5 two week old pups. She did a good job but suffered an injury because of the battle. We are worried because she was dragging herself around. She is currently at the vet with her five babies. Please keep her in your thoughts… 😞
PUP-Date: The Momma Dog that came in injured, is NOT paralyzed. She’s very sore and very weak on her back end. She’s also very thin. She needs assistance to stand up & she’s sore from puncture wounds.Please keep her in your thoughts. (What an amazing day to show the strength of this beautiful mom on International Women’s Day!) 💪

March 10 Momma Update!

She’s safe in a foster home and we will update more soon. She’s able to move around slowly and she’s truly the best mom ever!