Not the Easter surprise we were hoping for. Early Good Friday morning 2022 at an Edmonton pet store, an employee stepped outside the store for a short break. When they returned to the lobby area they found a crate holding 2 adult cats and 2 kittens, about 4 months old. While the employee’s back was turned someone abandoned this poor cat family. It must have been deliberate and carefully planned as all security cameras were avoided and occurred when the store employee was out of sight. We know times are tough for many. We know the available space at all rescues is at capacity, but that does not justify abandoning animals. Responsible pet ownership is necessary at all times, through the good and the bad. SCARS foster homes are very full, but within the amazing network of family foster homes we have managed to make space, for this unexpected intake. We know it is not their fault and they deserve all the love and kindness our foster homes will shower them with. The cats are safe and will be fully vetted and cared for by SCARS. We are grateful we can help this cat family. Please help us make space for all the other requests needing a spot: