We can’t explain the overwhelming requests we get hourly. Even experienced rescuers are having a hard time trying to prioritize the most urgent cases. With animal organizations having to limit intake due to over capacity it’s causing the unthinkable.
💔People are dumping animals anywhere they can.
– In three days we have picked up three dogs along different road sides. One of these dogs has identification. We called the owners and they have never responded back.
– In one day we picked up one puppy at the dump, also suffering from puncture wounds, one kitten at the dump. The kitten’s siblings did not make it. They were left in a box they could not get out of.
– 14 cats in a matter of 30 minutes at different locations.
– Eight kittens from a home where their female has had multiple litters. (We will spay her now)
– Three puppies from a litter of 10. We are still looking for the rest that are only six weeks old.
– Yesterday alone, we got 12 messages to surrender already owned animals due to aggression or bad habits.
In the meantime, we are trying to accommodate animals from the rural pounds and treating several parvo puppies currently in veterinary care.
❄️This is not the trend we would like to see, especially with winter fast approaching. This is going to be a devastating winter for the animal population if things don’t change.
Even if we had all the space in the world, vet appointments are limited due to lack of staffing and prices are high and we simply don’t have the manpower.
What can you do to help?
👏 Donate directly to our Spay & Neuter Return Program: www.scarscare.ca/donate
For more info on the program, go to https://www.scarscare.ca/spay-neuter-return/
🐾 ADOPT! Open your home to another furry friend. https://www.scarscare.ca/animals
🐶Become a foster home by emailing FosterProgram@scarscare.ca
We are grateful to everyone who supports animal rescue.
Please know you are making a difference.