Aria was an 🚑 emergency transfer late on June 28, 2022. Sadly, we lost the battle for Aria. Sometimes no matter what you do, it’s just not enough. Aria came in gasping for air. We immediately drove hours to Guardian Veterinary Centre to have specialists access her. She was immediately put in an oxygen chamber which helped but it was a temporary fix. It turned out she had Laryngeal Paralysis, which in short means there are cartilages that are supposed to open and close with each breath as part of the protective mechanism of the airway. For this dog, they were staying slammed shut, meaning the dog was trying to breathe through a little slit of space. Thank you to our wonderful volunteer driver, Brenda, who drove all the way to Lloydminster to pick her up late in the evening. 🚑🚑 Thank you to Lloyd Animal Hospital for making her comfortable for transport to Guardian veterinary Centre. Lastly, Guardian vets and staff for doing their best to save her. We are grateful for a team that does everything possible to give these animals every chance possible. 🐾RIP sweet Aria 🌈 🐾 😪