My name is Atlas, and I just wanted to take a minute to show the world how magical SCARS has been for me. I came into care with my brother Mapper, and we both had a pretty bad skin infection. We were given treatment and medicated baths by our WONDERFUL rescuer. We were then able to move to our foster home, where we got a couple more baths and daily lathers to get our skinned healed up. My bother Mapper is a busybody, and would NOT sit still for his “Before” photo (even I was a bit squirmy), so you will just have to trust me. BUT JUST LOOK!! Look what just a little tender lovin care, good healthy food and (oh so VERY) comfy place to sleep. My foster mom even let us borrow her puppy’s clothes, to keep us nice and warm. These before and after photos are ONLY 7 days apart. Like wow! Thanks for all the support! You all saved my life, literally!