July 22, 2021- I’m Bandit ❤️ 🐕! Mine is a hard story to tell. I am tired and ill and my prognosis is full of questions. My name is Bandit, I am definitely a senior. A SCARS volunteer heard about a dog wandering and was compelled to go see if she could help. She found me and knew I was in desperate need of help. I was immediately on my way for veterinary assessment and care. So often when there is an animal in distress, there is a human needing help as well, so we ask for your compassion for all involved with Bandit.We are just getting the first medical information, but the outlook is not great, I have multiple conditions and fighting multiple infections. I am now under the compassionate care of the veterinary team at Westlock Veterinary Center and SCARS will make the best decisions for me with their guidance. More updates when more is known.

A quick word from Bandit. ❤️ 💬  Well it has been a whirlwind since my SCARS rescuer brought me into care. We are in a bad news/good news situation. Let’s get the bad news over with first. I have multiple infections, the worst are my ears, but I also have eye infections and dental issues. I will add to the list a tumor on my tail along with the visible skin inflammation.

Now that is a lot, I know, but I did say there was good news in the mix as well. I am all cleaned up and responding to treatment. A couple of baths, a pedicure, antibiotics, loving care, special meals and I am feeling better and looking stronger. We are still in a wait and see situation, but everyone wants me to have a second chance. The plan to start is 2 weeks of care with my new friends at Westlock Veterinary Center. My progress will be monitored daily and SCARS will do what is right for me. All decisions will be made based on achieving a good quality of life. Wish me luck.

July 28th Bandit update. 💕 🐕

Hi friends just wanted to let you know how things are going. Not a lot of progress but I am feeling a bit better. My feet are less painful, my eyes are a little clearer and my skin is slightly less inflamed. Unfortunately, my ear infections are still very uncomfortable and I am not eating very well. I am getting excellent care and everyone is trying their best for me. Thank you to all for your kind words and thoughts.

August 6 Bandit update. ❤️ 🐾
I know, it has been quite a while since my last message. I remain under veterinary care. I am more comfortable and improving in many ways. My ears are a major problem though. I will need to see a specialist to see if anything can be done for them and there is unfortunately quite a wait to get in. Hopefully I can keep improving in other ways, till my appointment happens.
Aug 25 update… Every animal that joins the SCARS family, is exactly that – family. The goal is always to provide compassionate care and quality of life. Some days the decisions we have to make tear at our hearts and wound our spirits. 😢 💔 It is with great sadness, we share with you that Bandit has left his burdens behind and moved on from this world. Our veterinary team and his caregivers tried everything they could. We are so grateful for their efforts. His complex medical conditions along with his age, were too difficult to overcome. When we could not provide good quality of life we knew we had no choice but to let him go. He was a quirky character. Grumpy old man on one hand, gentle soul on the other. He definitely knew love and kindness in his final days.
We are grateful to all our supporters who have followed his story and like us wished he would be able to find a comfy retirement home. It is with great sadness we say rest in peace Bandit, may you be chasing cats and running free this evening.