June 24, 2022. Meet BANKS. We got a call last night around 10 pm about a dog that had been run over by a car. Our intake coordinator rushed out to meet the RCMP and brought him to the Westlock Veterinary Centre for urgent care. At the time, it was deemed the injuries were too severe so we transported him Westlock to the VCA Canada  Guardian Veterinary Centre in Edmonton.
He went immediately into surgery which had an estimated cost expected to exceed $8,000. He had a fractured pelvis and severe injuries to his tail. We are so thankful for all the events and donations that help us save dogs like Banks. The VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre said that everything went great! A plate and screws will fix his pelvis, and he got a splint for his elbow. He’s currently recovering and we will update again soon.
June 29 update on our buddy, BANKS.
❓ What is the outcome of his past few days in care? ❓
⚠️Right ileal fracture – thankfully did not require surgery
⚠️Left ileal fracture – has a plate in there now!
⚠️Left elbow luxuation – able to reduce and has splint on
🚑We are working on transferring him to Westlock Veterinary Center where he can be monitored. He needs strict cage rest and splint changing. His anal tone is still not 100% so he has lots of diarrhea.🤕 We had a supporter come forward who decided to pay his full bill… we are thrilled. Thank you to the owner of Rozen Steelworks is Jon Rozendaal!!