February 22, 2022… Batman here. I’m a gentle soul who’s learned to be resilient. I came to SCARS pretty nervous and sad. They don’t know my story, but they get a picture from the sadness in my eyes, my behaviors, and my frostbitten ears. Between the food, kind words, and a soft touch, I’m learning to trust again. When I get pats, that’s when I forget my nervousness, and my purrs and chattiness start. Between you and me, sometimes I even roll around on my back with my legs up, I love pats so much. Now that I’m getting used to having a foster mom, I lean right into her and feel safe when she picks me up and cuddles me. I’d love a forever home that’ll be patient as I get settled and that will give me all the cuddles and pats I could ever want – when I’m ready. I love having a covered bed/cave where I can feel safe & observe my surroundings. Not sure if I’ll enjoy toys sometime in the future. For now, they seem pretty scary and I’m just not in the frame of mind for playing. Maybe when I find a home that I know will love me unconditionally. Sometimes I have the smallest of growls when I’m scared, like when they pull me out from hiding at the vet, but I’m always very gentle. I take good care of my fur, so even though it is fine and thick, I don’t have mats. I’m very likely to be gentle with any people I come across. I think I’m going to get along with the resident cats, but I haven’t met a dog yet. Do you have a loving and supportive bat cave you would share with me? www.scarscare.ca