It is hard to imagine having such a happy smile while being in such pain….

Sweet Bella is one of our newest SCARS dogs. She was hit by a vehicle and her pelvis was fractured in 3 places! The right side was the worst, so the veterinary team plated that break, but the left side had moved back into alignment so will hopefully heal with time. Once at the vet we also found that she had an unbelievable amount of bladder stones and a raging UTI.

In the past week progress has been slow. She won’t stand on her own, but with assistance will allow her back legs to touch the floor. She is brighter now and will eat roast chicken, hamburger and rice but says no to dog food – we are just happy she is gaining strength. She will be staying at our partner vet clinic to receive the care she needs. We are grateful for all donations to help cover her medical expenses.