April 22 update…Hello world, Bella here! I’m a super sweet pup looking for a very special family. I came to SCARS after being hit by a car. It hurt so so much and was very scary, my pelvis got broken and now I have nerve damage on one of my hind legs. I can get around ok, but I do have a limp and sometimes rest on my knuckles, so I’ll need a family who can keep an eye on it and work with the vet if my foot starts to get injured further. I will also need a family who will work with me to teach me manners and how to walk on a leash. Foster mom is working with me every day and I’ve learned a lot of boundaries already, but I’m still full of puppy energy and will need an experienced owner. I’m doing pretty well with training, I try many tricks like sitting and laying down. I was on crate rest to heal my pelvis, so I’ve got kennel training down! I’m also fully house trained and have never had an accident in the house. I grew up running free and hanging with other dogs, but I am not very polite and have issues with boundaries as well as guarding, so if you do have a dog, it must be a confident male. Cats are extremely intriguing to me and they are too tempting to chase. I’m very fast despite my limp and a bit of an escape artist, so a fully fenced yard or dog run is a must! I am a very fast learner and extremely sweet. I get so excited when I meet new people that my whole body wags and I’m learning not to jump up, it’s just so hard when I’m so excited! My recall is coming along nicely, so I will be a fantastic and loyal companion to someone who is willing to put the time into training me now: https://www.scarscare.ca/view-animal/?scars_id=50099586
January 2022…. Well it wouldn’t be a week at SCARS without an after hours emergency call. 🚨 🐾Bella here and boy am I thankful the SCARS team doesn’t take the weekends off. 24/7 and 365 the SCARS team is there for those of us who need it. I was out enjoying the sunshine. I am young, just playing around with some friends. We weren’t watching what was happening and I ran out in front of a vehicle. That really wasn’t good. So how does an injured dog get from a remote rural community to help. Here is my story. A community member called SCARS intake. They know the number well because SCARS runs a spay neuter program to keep the pet population under control. The intake coordinator knew I needed help….how to get a driver though? It is all about communication. She knew one of our foster families was out enjoying the winter sunshine ice fishing not too far from where I was at. A call to that family was answered with “of course we will help.”
They came and picked me up. I got to ride with a couple of wonderful human kids and the family dog and we started our trip. I needed to get to the emergency vet in Westlock. Another foster home headed north to meet the first foster home who had me in their truck. A well coordinated meeting on the highway. A quick, careful move to the new vehicle and off we headed to the vet.
Dr. Patti was there to look after me. An x-ray told the story. A broken pelvis, it will take a lot of care, but I should be alright in 6 to 8 weeks. Right now I can’t walk on my own, but hopefully my young bones will heal with the proper care. Wish me luck.