May 13/21… The pain was excruciating. I didn’t hear the car coming and by the time I saw it, way way too late. Dog versus car. I was in trouble. The great volunteers at SCARS have me in their care now and I am at the specialist clinic. This is a severe break that will take tremendous skill to fix, but I am so hopeful to have the chance at a future. I show all the humans how grateful I am with my tiny tail wags and my great patience even when it hurts. I am the sweetest little girl, just gaze into my soft pleading eyes and you know how thankful I am for your help. ❤️
May 15/21 – Update on Blackberry. 🤕
There is still pain (the meds are keeping that manageable), but I have been given the greatest gift – my chance for a future. I have just undergone an extensive surgery here at Pulse Veterinary. It was super complicated. I can’t even understand what all was broken on me. Multiple fractures to my pelvis, hip, and femur. Now some of these fractures are pretty stable and mother nature is going to take care of the healing. Time, rest and the advantage of young growing bones is in my favor. The others, well that is a different story, I needed a skilled surgical team to plate me back together to give me the chance to walk again, and they have done exactly that. I came through surgery like a star and am at the very beginning of my healing journey. ❤️ 🐾
May 18 update…What better to do on this rainy Tuesday? Rehabilitation for Blackberry!! ☔️ 🐾

Blackberry is on a very thorough program for recovery of her injuries. Although she’s not available for adoption, our team is giving her the best care possible!