‼️Another Day… Another Emergency & sadly… another Parvo Puppy. ‼️
Meet BOOTS! This puppy is currently at Westlock Vet fighting to recover from this horrible disease after he was surrendered to us. What is Parvo? Parvo is a highly contagious virus. Some signs and symptoms are diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting. Secondary infections also arise due to the decreased immune system.We are hoping for a full recovery but please send all the love and well wishes that you can! To donate to his care: www.scarscare.ca/donate – please memo Boots and all the funds will go directly to him.
*We acknowledge that we do not have small puppies in our care often and are aware about the hundreds of applications we have that are looking for this size of dog. At this time we are NOT entertaining ANY applications. Please do not apply at this time and please do not inquire for adoption. When Boots is “big” and strong is when we will be seeking out his forever home. Thank you for understanding.*

May 19 update… Boots has only been  eating a few pieces of kibble over the past 2 days. Keep the encouragement up for this poor puppy to defy all the horrible odds of parvo.

May 22 Update… Great news! Boots is now in his foster home recovering this beautiful weekend.His face gives us a reason to smile!

** please note, he is in recovery and not accepting applications at this time **