A Mother’s love, Bronwyn’s story – Fierce, protective and enduring.
I’m Bronwyn. I was a community dog, no fixed address, no place to call my own, and in the moment no shelter for the impending arrival of my new babies. Safety. I had to find a safe place. If I could deliver them in a sheltered place, I know I can defend them from harm. I tried many places, no luck. Time was running out. I found a yard, there are other dogs there, but they don’t attack and try to run me off. The people here don’t yell at me or try to chase me away. There is food and an old building I can get under. Here I build my den, here by myself, I deliver eight healthy babies to this world.
I give them everything I have. Short trips out of the den to grab a small amount of food, then back to care. I am quickly losing the small amount of body weight I had, but I keep going for the puppies sake. They are growing and their eyes are opening. I don’t know it, but I can’t stay here. The people can’t take on another nine dogs. The other wonderful thing I don’t know is that these people here have reached out to SCARS, who rescues homeless animals in the area. The day my pups reach two weeks old, two amazing ladies arrive at the yard. They are strangers so I am on high alert, I must protect my babies. Oh, but they are so kind, so calm, so gentle. They have the best treats, I decide to trust them and let them see my precious babies. They gather us all up and put us in a spacious crate in the truck. It is a long drive and very late at night when we reach our destination.
It is dark and cold out, the wind is blowing. I meet a new person, she tells me we are safe, we will be looked after. My babies move first, this makes me anxious, but soon it is my turn. I find my pups nestled in clean blankets in a warm building. We are secure. Nothing can get near us and there is food, water, and warmth. For the first time, I can let my guard down, I can close my eyes and rest. The struggle of being alone is over.
Join me and my family on our journey over the next few weeks. I am hoping it will be epic and you will come to love my pups as much as I do.
Oct. 24 update… Bronwyn and family. 🐶 🐾  Getting settled into a new place, even if it is wonderful, takes a bit of adjustment. I sure didn’t understand leashes and collars. For the first 3 days, I wouldn’t even leave the building and my pups, not even for a bathroom break. That wasn’t ideal from anyone’s standpoint. With patience and careful coaching, my foster mom convinced me it was okay to leave for a few minutes. I could always get back to them. I am way better at going outside now. It is nice to stretch my legs and go for a very short walk. I totally trust my foster mom, but I am not too keen on others – dogs, humans, or cats coming near my family. Foster mom says I need to remember I am safe now and she is here to make sure we are protected. The puppies all love anyone who comes, so I guess I can get used to it as well. I will introduce you to my pups soon, maybe in the next story. There are 5 girls and 3 boys. I might be biased, but I think they are wonderful, cute, sweet and cuddly. Everything a puppy should be. Happy tail wags – Bronwyn