** Emergency **
October 2, 2021… We received a call about a mother dog that had been bleeding for several days! When we arrived she was in extreme medical distress. We rushed her to veterinary care along with her healthy puppies.
Brownie is still nowhere near out of the woods yet. 😢 The vet team examined her and continue to run tests. In the meantime, they are making her as comfortable as possible and treating what they can as we await the test results. We are grateful for the amazing vet team who are doing all that they can to pull Brownie through this. We hope to know more about her condition soon. If you wish to donate, please visit www.scarscare.ca/donate/ and reference MOM DOG in the comment field.
October 4th… We wanted to share a short update for all of those who are watching Brownie’s story closely. She is currently in the ICU unit with not much change – still very stiff and with her head back. The Vet team has determined that Brownie may be suffering from tetanus. Now supportive care and waiting is all we can do.
October 5th Brownie & Pups Update. ❤️‍🩹 🐾
After a night of rest and TLC Brownie was a little brighter and less rigid today. This slight change, in what seems a good direction, is enough to lift our spirits even just a little. At this time, Brownie still cannot eat on her own so she now has a nasogastric tube in place. She will be fed throughout the day to keep her strength up, what little she may have. During the commotion of getting Brownie into vet care and sharing her updates, we didn’t share how her pups are doing. Brownie is an amazing mom! She arrived into our care very thin, giving everything to ensure her puppies were fed. As we have shared before, we are struggling to keep up with the calls and running low on open foster homes. At this point in time, we did not have the capacity to place Brownie’s puppies within our care. They are now with Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation – thank you! With pups safe and sound, we can put our focus on Brownie. Please send all your positive thoughts and good vibes her way – she needs all the love we can collectively muster to make it through. 💕
October 8 update… It is with heavy hearts we share with you that we had to let Brownie go. 💔 😢
Brownie took a turn for the worse today. She became rigid again and could no longer eat on her own. Brownie fought hard against what was suspected to be tetanus. We had hoped she could get through this but it was just too big a battle. She had been suffering for over a week before we even knew of her situation. She leaves behind healthy two-week-old pups that are being cared for by Heaven Can Wait Animal Rescue Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who had hoped with us and gave Brownie the best chance possible. Thank you to the Lloydminster veterinary staff who were dedicated to her care. 💞 💞