Hi SCARS! Buster is now a year old so I thought I’d send you guys an update! For anyone who may not know his story, back when we adopted him last June he had just gone through his first surgery to correct a skeletal deformity. That surgery was unsuccessful so his foster mom and I decided not to proceed with a second, high-risk surgery. We decided to let him live his life as a happy kitten. I am so excited to say that his deformity hasn’t bothered him one bit or hindered his growth! Now that he has made it through the major developmental hurdles, medically speaking according to veterinarians, he should be in the clear for a long, happy, normal cat life! Buster loves to cuddle with everyone he meets. He will sit under the high chair and drool while he waits for dropping cheerios. He occasionally enjoys being the typical “pain in the butt” little brother to his two older sisters (also from SCARS) and has a never ending amount of playful energy! He is the perfect addition to our family and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Thank you for giving cats like Buster every opportunity to receive the medical care they need and deserve, and a second chance at life!