Tails on the Trails 50/50 winner!

Announcing the 50/50 draw winner from Tails on the Trails on July 20! Yellow ticket #0940786 The lucky ticket holder is the winner of $580! If this is your number, please email a photo of your ticket to by July 27th at midnight. If the prize is

Tails on the Trails 50/50 winner!2019-07-25T16:53:28-06:00

Donation Drive for SCARS

Sarah, Noah and mom Cathy organized a donation drive in memory of Amber, their adopted SCARS dog, She sadly passed away from Lymphoma at the age of 12. They received donations from family, friends and neighbours who all loved Amber very much. Amber was the absolute best dog

Donation Drive for SCARS2019-07-24T14:09:46-06:00

Emma’s Birthday Donation

Who doesn't love a birthday? For Emma, turning 6 years old meant sharing her day with the SCARS animals. She asked party guests to bring a donation for SCARS. So instead of indulging herself, Emma raised $253 for our rescues. Emma wanted to see where her money would

Emma’s Birthday Donation2019-07-01T10:04:13-06:00

Emily’s Birthday Donation

What does a great girl like Emily want for her 12th birthday? Well she asked her friends and family to bring gifts for SCARS animals instead of for herself. Here is Emily with the donations from her big day. She also raised $75 along with the toys, food

Emily’s Birthday Donation2019-07-01T09:48:53-06:00

Second Chances (Going Down This Road Again) – Bob Donaldson – Official Video

Bob Donaldson is a country music artist who has just released a single called “Second Chances (Going Down This Road Again).” At first glance, the single sounds like a love song, but he wanted to create a video about adopting animals and giving them a second chance. His

Second Chances (Going Down This Road Again) – Bob Donaldson – Official Video2019-05-15T19:44:13-06:00