August 4, 2023 Update

Chance’s x-rays are very difficult to interpret since everything is so tiny, but there are a couple facial fractures. Thankfully the lower jaw seems to be intact. There is a lot of soft tissue damage in the mouth though. Essentially the upper lips/gingiva were pulled off of the maxilla so they did some “plastic surgery” to put that back together. They started him on IV fluids & they are going to keep him on pain meds and anti inflammatories for now.

August 3, 2023 – *Warning: Graphic Images*

Meet Chance. Dropped off at our rescue centre by RCMP. We drove this kitty to the Vet immediately in Westlock Vet. Due to blunt force trauma (unknown how) he’s now on some anti-inflammatories tonight. They’ll do X-rays tomorrow! He’s got some broken teeth, and possibly a fractured jaw but he’s feisty with a good spirit.