“What was that?
Did you hear a noise?
Who is that?
They look big and scary?
Run, I must run away.
To where though?
I am all alone.
Everything is frightening.
I give up, I will just sit here and tremble and shake…”
Life before SCARS for poor little Clem, was one terrifying moment after another. Unsocialized, alone, and the victim of trauma to his head causing a giant hematoma, his before story was heart wrenching and destined to end in tragedy.
That was before, then came SCARS. Then came a dedicated, life long rescuer named Bev, determined to change the course of his life.
She managed to catch him and bring him into care. That was no small feat in itself. Then the lessons of kindness, day after day of compassion, patience, and kindness. Tiny bits of progress.
Did you hear that noise? It sounds like the treat bag.
“ Whoa, who are you?
I think I should be scared, oh wait, that is right you are kind, no need to run.
I am still pretty shaky, but maybe, just maybe I can trust you. “
Poor little Clem, such a journey he has ahead, but we are thankful he has a chance. A second chance, thanks to you, our dedicated supporters, and a rescuer named Bev. (Who just last week celebrated her amazing 81st birthday🎉🎉🎉)
*He is not yet available for adoption at this time.