Imagine you are an Elder in your community with many years of experience behind you. Some would say you are isolated and live alone, but that isn’t true.
You have two faithful companions, one showing some years and the other a little younger. Some would say they are a bit grumpy and protective, but to you they are family. You look after each other – security, safety, care and love.
One night your companions tangle with a porcupine. No ones fault, wrong place – wrong time. They are badly quilled. What can you do? Veterinary care is hours away and you do not have the means to get them there, let alone afford the bill. Yet your animal friends are in need. You reach out to your neighbour for help. They say they know of a group that runs a Spay-Neuter-Return program in the community. They have helped other animals, they make a phone call on your behalf.
Now you are worried. Can these people be trusted with your companions? What if they won’t help? What if they do help and won’t bring your friends back? Could that happen? Doubts creep in.
They make the drive to your place. Two kind and compassionate ladies who are willing to help. They are from SCARS, you have seen them before in the community, but still you wonder. Your friends are stressed and in pain. The older one accepts help and he is moved gently into a crate for transport. The younger one runs away upset and fearful. A decision is made, the old boy will head to the vet – it is a three hour drive.
Tomorrow he will return home and hopefully the second quill victim will be back and perhaps with a humane live trap he too can make it to care. One of the ladies phones later in the evening to let you know, the quills have been removed and your old friend is resting comfortably, still It is a tough night filled with worry.
The next day is a repeat of the first, you didn’t need to worry, true to her word, the SCARS volunteer brings your friend home. By this time the younger one has also come home searching for help and he finds his way into the hands of the Rescue team. She makes that long trip to the vet and returns the same day.
Safe. Safe at home. The family reunited.
You don’t have much, but with gratitude, you give the rescue lady what you can afford to go towards the cost of the care. She graciously accepts and leaves some medicine to help them heal.
The SCARS Community Spay-Neuter-Return program is so much more than managing the animal population. It makes communities safer and it helps people and animals. It keeps families together and gives care to those in need. ❤️ 🐾