We have an urgent case at the vet on February 21st.  This is Dabke, she is a 12-week-old Chi pup currently fighting for her life. 🤒 💔Dabke has Parvo and will remain at the vet so she can get all the supportive care she needs. Please consider donating towards her care.
As of Feb. 23, Little miss Dabke is still fighting for her life at VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre. Her current vet bill is $4,700 – we wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has donated directly to her care. Please keep her in your thoughts and sending all those positive vibes! ❤️ 🐶
February 27 update: Little Dabke is feeling much better thanks to those at Westlock Veterinary Center and all the positive thoughts everyone sent her way! She has been cleared to leave the vet and go into her foster home. We are so happy she seems to have gotten through the worst of it and now to get some much needed rest. 💕