The amount of love our foster homes give to these animals – makes us speechless.
Meet Dezzy and her crew of babies. When they arrived in foster care, it was noted that they were not doing well. Our foster home took a late night drive to the Westlock Vet Centre to drop off the puppies. While they were tested for parvo (thankfully negative) and treated for dehydration and diarrhea, we had a very worried momma at home waiting for her babies.
The foster mom was very diligent at making sure Dezzy didn’t have mastitis, giving her the relief she needed, and ensuring she was calm. For nearly two days the puppies needed to stay at Westlock to ensure they were healthy enough to return home!
Finally, momma got her babies back and thankfully they took to her milk again right away. 💕 🐶
Black female: Bloom
Brown & White female: Clover
Black & White male: Sprout