May 25, 2023

We can’t imagine how difficult and stressful evacuating from a wildfire would be, our hearts go out to all families impacted. 😰❤️

SCARS is always willing to help in whatever way we can. Keeping animals in their home communities with their families is our top priority. We work with local authorities to provide any assistance they request. In the current situation near High Level we are supplying food for owned animals which could not be evacuated and if an animal requires medical attention, we may transport them to receive the help they need. Animals we assist are not available for adoption, but will be cared for and hopefully reunited with their families when it is safe to go back.

This cute little fellow is receiving medical treatment for burns sustained in the fire. He is likely about 3 years old and probably had a wire haired type coat, before he was singed by flames. We will continue to work to find his family to reunite them, but in the meantime he will hang out in his foster home where he is receiving regular treatment to sooth and treat the damage done by the flames.