January 2022 … It’s been a long journey but Dom has finally gotten to a point where his skin is manageable and he is now in his new fur-ever home! He was originally part of our spay-neuter-return program. Dom, the one-year-old pitti, was surrendered due to a very serious & complicated skin condition. He had hair loss, was covered in scabs and had sores all over his legs and feet. He was a mess! Over the last year, there were different foods, medications, sprays… and more sprays! Also, baths… lots of them… several times a week with special shampoos! We see a lot of skin conditions but Dom’s proved to be one of the most difficult. Slowly Dom started looking and feeling better. He started seeing a dermatologist & will continue to see one. ❤️🎉Dom, you were worth all of our efforts. Your personality made it impossible not to love you. Wishing you and your new family all the happiness🎉❤️