March 5, 2022… Sometimes you think you are at the end of the road with no hope in sight and your courage is fading, when suddenly everything changes and there is a bright new path ahead. For now we are being called “The end of the road puppies,” but don’t you worry we will have our own special names soon. Ours is a story of something not good turning into something very good.
A person who lived in the municipality where we were found, saw vehicle tracks leading down a dead end road, that no one should be driving on. Like any good neighbor would do, they alerted bylaw, concerned that something was just not right. Bylaw investigated, followed the tracks and to their dismay found us, abandoned at the road’s end, shivering in the snow, hungry, and scared. With some work they gathered all five of us and brought us to a partner veterinarian, who sent the call out to SCARS for help.
So here we are. Our new SCARS friend says we are ginormous puppies (we don’t think that is even a real word, but suffice it to say at only 5 months old we are very big).
What a whirlwind the last few hours have been.
We are in from the cold.
We got some great food.
We had our first vet check.
And the best part we hear (even though SCARS is near capacity) some amazing foster homes have stepped up to take us into their hearts and homes.
How lucky are we!
There are three girls and two boys in our family. Thanks to all the SCARS volunteers and supporters, who everyday make certain when you think you have reached the end of your road, there is always hope to help lead you home. Not yet available for adoption, but we will let you know when we are ready!