I’ve had a crazy week. I was picked up by some SCARS volunteers during a Spay Neuter Return pick up. You see, I was a stray that some nice people were feeding and trying to care for but I was not eating and refused to come inside so they asked for help. The SCARS volunteers took me to the folks at the Westlock Veterinary Center to have me checked over. I’m in my senior years and It seems that at some point I was likely hit by a car. X-Rays show that I have some bad arthritis and I actually have a bullet in my abdomen. The bullet isn’t affecting anything so the doctors decided to leave it where it is. I am also extremely underweight . This is likely because my teeth are in very bad shape.

I have now moved to my foster home. It’s on an acreage and since I have likely never lived in a house I am much more comfortable in this environment. Everyone loves me here, even Romeo the cat. My foster mom has put me on a soft food diet and is feeding me multiple times a day to try to get my weight up to where it should be. I’m also on pain management for my arthritis.

Once I have put on some weight and gain some strength I will likely need lots of dental work. For now though I’m just settling in and getting some love and R & R. I will be on a medical hold until I can put on some weight and get strong and well. I would love it if you could keep me in your thoughts while I recuperate.

Luv Evie