In the nick of time, not a moment too soon……use any saying you like, I was in desperate need of help.  Left at a garbage dump, just a young pup, malnourished and weak.

In my weakened state I was unable to fight off a massive infestation of the Demodex mite (like Mange, but not contagious).  By the time SCARS found me I was skin and bones, with weeping open sores, and my fur coat falling out.  I was in such pain I could barely even stand.

It is amazing what love and care, food and medical attention and well money can do.  A month with SCARS and things are looking up.  Good nutrition and warm shelter are allowing me to gain ground on the demodex.  Not cured yet but making progress.  I am gaining weight and starting to play like an 8 month old pup should.  Things are definitely going in the right direction.

We are almost half way to our fundraising goal to help pay for medical cases like Berkeley, please help us raise funds.

To follow Berkeley’s progress or apply to make him part of your family, visit my profile.