April 27 update… It is a good news and sad news update on our “Fire and Rescue” kitty family. First the sad news. The tiniest kitten passed away peacefully in its sleep overnight. We are so sorry, this little one failed to thrive. Our sympathy to the foster family, it is always devastating to lose one. Now for the much happier news. So far, the remaining family is doing well. Eating, sleeping, and cuddling just like they should. We couldn’t resist naming this little family after the Bon Accord Firemen who came on the call. Introducing Will, Nathan, Louis, and Eric. We don’t know the kitten’s gender quite yet, but we figure they will be happy with their names. The best news is about Momma kitty. We named her Jevin…yes you guessed it named in honor of one of our first responders. After her escape attempt and adventures in the maze of the furnace ducts, it turns out she isn’t feral. Just overwhelmed and scared in the moment. She has settled down nicely in her safe space with no access to any furnace vents, likes her foster mom and is comfortably nursing her beautiful family. We are so grateful! Thanks to Global Edmonton who featured our photos online and to MIX 107.9 FM who featured our foster home in a news story.
April 25, 2022… First responders are always ready at a moment’s notice to spring into action. SCARS would like to thank the Bon Accord Volunteer Fire Department for responding to a rather unique call for help. Sometimes feral mom cats with kittens arrive into care. Our foster homes do everything they can to provide a safe calm environment to let them settle. Some new arrivals are more challenging than others. When this frightened mama arrived with her five babies, she decided to escape the room set up for her and hide in a furnace vent. Oh sigh, what to do. A call to the local emergency services brought the Bon Accord fire and rescue team to our foster home’s door. They spent hours trying to locate mama cat. In the end, they opened up some vents and other escape routes, helped position a humane live trap, and then volunteered to help socialize the kittens. Although the immediate retrieval of a momma cat from her hiding place was not successful, we waited a few hours and she ended up in the trap. She is now safe with her babies with absolutely no access remaining to the vents! We just had to get a picture of the firemen with the babies! 🥰