May 19, 2023 Update

Do you know how terrifying the roar of a wildfire is? So loud. So ferocious. So unpredictable. I am not sure how I escaped the deadly flames, but then I had more problems. I am tiny – not even 3.0 kg. I am young – barely 6 weeks old. I am all alone – in a landscape filled with predators and fire.

Then my miracle happened! Brave first responders came to our community. What they saw broke their hearts, but not their spirits or their compassion. One of them picked skinny, filthy, parasite-ridden me up and said, “Not on my watch, not today on my watch will you perish.”

They brought me to their home and called around for help. The very call that SCARS answered, which brought me to the loving care of my foster home. I am so grateful to everyone watching over me. When my life hung in the balance, you made all the difference. ❤️


May 18, 2023 Update

The very pregnant momma dog is now named Gaia! Here’s her update:

I made it all the way down from the Fox Lake fire zone and managed not to have my puppies on the trip! Not only that, I made it to my wonderful foster home, who has set up a clean, safe, dry space for me to nest and bring my family into this world. ❤️

The community I am from has been devastated by fire. I didn’t have a home of my own, just made my life in the community. When the fire swept in, I had to fend for myself. That was until the amazing first responders got there. RCMP and firefighters have been just outstanding. When they found me, they brought me out into their personal home, fed me, showered me with affection, and called for help. And it wasn’t just me. Many first responders working in the area brought out other pups of all ages to their own homes. Safe from the flames, but what next?

That is where SCARS came in. Once again, they answered a desperate plea for help. Their team drove north, and with care and determination, they brought us all down to their rescue center, where we will get our second chance and a future to look forward to. Wish me luck! I think I am going to be very, very busy for the next while and so is my lovely foster mom, who I know will be with me holding my paw every step of the way. 🐾

May 17, 2023 Evening Update

Our Rescue team is headed south with their precious cargo. It has been a long day in the hot, dry conditions.

The first group has a mom dog. So sweet, so kind, and she very possibly could give birth in the vehicle on the way down. Poor momma dog is very late in her pregnancy.

Other passengers on the ride are another pregnant momma dog and a couple of litters of puppies. These are all homeless strays. It is a long journey so far, with a lot of hours left to go, but we say welcome to the SCARS family.

Our second team is wrapping up in High Level. They also have word of another pregnant dog who has been roaming around and they’re trying to track down. They will be arriving back in the wee hours of the morning.

We were able to leave food, crates and supplies with the amazing RCMP and firefighters working ’round the clock. The RCMP and firefighters are holding onto these animals personally until they’re able to meet us in High Level.

Our deepest thanks to our committed employees and volunteers. You are dedicated life savers, and we can’t thank you enough. 🐾❤️


May 17, 2023 Afternoon

Sometimes, the only answer is yes. Despite the stress. Despite the risk. Today, our intake team, at the request of RCMP and local officials, headed north to the devastated community of Fox Lake. Remote, hard hit by merciless heat and fire, and with limited animal rescue resources, we answered their plea for help.

Our small team of experienced employees and volunteers loaded up supplies and drove over 8 hours each way, to do what SCARS does best: help those sweet animals who can not help themselves.

We don’t know for certain what our team will find, but we do know we will help every way that we can. And we know our limited resources will be stretched.

How can you help?

  • Adopt – every adoption opens up space for one of these fire victims.
  • Donate – Food or funds will be needed to care for these extra intakes.
  • Foster – Immediate placements for pregnant mom dogs & adult dogs. Email
  • Rescue centre pop-ups for evacuations – Do you know someone who has a vacant shop or shop bay in Morinville, Cardiff and surrounding area for placement of animals?  Please text Amanda at 780-203-1202.

More to come as our team assesses the situation…