On March 31st, we received a late night emergency call about a puppy who was hit by a car and needed emergency vet care. Freddy arrived at the clinic around 2 am.
Good news? He’s safe. He’s loved. Bad news? The medical bill could be $10,000 plus. Freddy’s diagnosis is a bilateral fractured pelvis, fractured tibia and a fracture where weight bearing Mild Dislocation (where hips meet spine). He’s currently at Pulse Vet Clinic where he will undergo surgery on April 2nd. We will update as soon as we can.If wish to donation directly to Freddy’s care visit our website and reference his name in the comment section: https://www.scarscare.ca/donate/
🐶April 5 P-UPDATE! 🐶
Sweet little Freddy was brought into the emergency department at Pulse Veterinary Specialist and Emergency on April 1st after being hit by a car.
The doctors said that Freddy was the bravest girl for her examination but when they were examining her back legs and pelvis they noticed she was very sore and something wasn’t right.
⚠️⚠️X-rays were taken which showed that she had a total of 6 bones that were fractured! ⚠️⚠️
She had fractured both of her hips, two places in her pelvis, and her tibia and fibula of her right leg!Given that there were so many fractures – the doctors decided to do her surgeries in two steps.
Her first surgery was to repair the tibia and fibula on her right leg. Luckily the pelvic fracture on her right side should heal on its own with lots of rest. Next week she is going to have her second surgery to fix her left side.The doctors are so impressed by how Freddy is doing – they say she is already healing very well and once recovered – will be back to being a playful little puppy! Also – who wouldn’t fall head over heels for those stunning blue eyes! Please consider to donate directly online here: www.scarscare.ca/donate.(Injuries entailed: Right tibia/fibula fracture, comminuted, closed, associated with the mid diaphysis. Also a Bilateral capital physeal fractures of both femurs. She had complete fracture associated with the body of the ilium on the left and a Sacroiliac luxation)
April 14 update on Freddy!Hi! Thought I’d take some time from sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful weather to update everyone. I have been cleared to leave the vet!! I am now settling into my foster home and so excited to share that for the foreseeable future I will not need a second surgery! This is such happy news, now I can work on doing puppy things, oh and resting too so I can heal up. Thank you to all those who kept me in their thoughts and donated – it means so much. ❤️ 🐾