March 23, 2022
** SO MANY!! ** So many animals that need help! Our daily conversations consist of “we just need to find one more spot”, then 2 hours later we need “just one more spot” and by the end of the day we have struggled to find space for 14 more animals. We just can’t say no to the animals whose owner had recently passed away. We can’t leave the puppy on the side of the road or the cat that was recently caught in a house fire. These are just a few of today’s stories… 😪
Sixteen dogs and 3 cats today. Five will be part of SCARS spay and neuter program and will be returned to their owners.
The others will be looking for their new home.
Each one of these animals will need medical attention, some more than others.
‼️We NEED FOSTER HOMES! Come join us this Saturday at 9:30am for a zoom orientation.