Meet Jag! He came into care with wounds to his head (looks like a bite wound). This poor dog was in rough shape, but we will get him the help he needs to recover. He is super happy to be in his foster home!

March 15 update:

Not the news we were hoping for… 😢 💔
Outcome: Trauma due to a Motor Vehicle Accident which resulted in crushing/scraping on the top of his head and side impact.
He has:
1) Broken lower jaw! His lower jaw isn’t sitting right anymore and half of his upper teeth are broken. Due to the unstable jaw and broken teeth, he will require extensive dental/facial reconstruction.
2.) Stable Depressed Skull Fracture.
Please keep him in your thoughts as we transfer him to a specialist. If you wish to donate directly to Jag’s care visit our website and reference Jag in the comment box.
March 17 update. Jag goes to Pulse Vet Clinic today for jaw surgery, dental surgery and to fix his skull fracture! Thanks Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergencyfor scheduling him in so quickly. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards his care! Wish him luck! 💕🍀
March 20 update. Jag went in for surgery to repair his broken jaw but due to an infection and abscess it was determined instead that surgery would be postponed. The Vet took the time from this appointment to clean the infection, which included the removal of some teeth. They did temporarily stabilize his jaw and he will return in 2 weeks for a CT scan. At that point it will be decided if his jaw will need to be plated. Jag is not out of the woods yet and has lots of healing to do, please keep him in your thoughts!
March 24 was recheck day! Dr. Sauve at Pulse Vet is happy with how his healing and gained 2 kg! He will be rechecked next week to make sure everything is healing well. Thanks for all the support. ❤️ 🐾
April 10 update on Jag! This week he went in for his CT scan and the good news is he will not need a plate to hold his jaw! The fracture to his jaw is stable and showing signs of healing with the treatment that he has already been given.😀 Because of the severity of his jaw fracture we (and his future owners) will need to be diligent watching for any discomfort opening and closing his jaw as the potential of arthritis to occur is there. However, overall Jag is going to be a happy, healthy puppy once he is done healing from surgery! 🥰 🐶
April 16 UPDATE! Hey, it’s Jag and I’m feeling pretty good! No itching since I got that big scary needle. I don’t have to wear my cone and haven’t since after first night I was home cause I’m such a good boy and don’t scratch my stitches.I really miss toys and treats but so happy to be feeling so good. I’m growing like crazy and acting like a puppy again! I love the zoomies! I can’t wait to be able to play with other puppers too! Mom says she’ll ask at my next Pulse appointment if they think the infection factor is gone, and if I can be vaccinated and neutered.
May 25, 2021 update
It’s me, Jag! I wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes! My foster mom read them to me, there sure were some very sweet words. Thanks to my Vet team, I’m healing well and feeling much better.I’m here to tell you, this is the best update yet! My Foster Mom tells me I’m ready for adoption! I’m a male pup! We think I’m about 11 months old! Currently 42 lbs! I sure like food! Speaking of food I do require a hypoallergenic diet as I had an allergic reaction to something. I’m a superstar at going in the kennel now, it took me a bit to go in on my own but now when I hear “kennel up” I go to my kennel! Of course I’d much prefer not going in there at all but sometimes my foster mom has to go to “work” I’m ok in the kennel for a couple hours but not all day.
I love walks and being outside. Right now I go for 3-4 walks a day, because I’m not allowed to play with toys yet. So to avoid being bored, we go for walks. I’m pretty good on the leash, but still working on when I get excited. I tend to pull to catch up to a pupper. I sometimes have the urge to chase a bunny. Birds are interesting to me too. I’m learning to “leave it.”
I’m a very happy guy, even through the pain of two skull fractures. Always smiling and wagging. I love people and dogs! I get excited when I see other dogs, I love to play! We’re working on that! BUT I’ve been told I’m a little too interested in cats. I would love a home with another dog to play with, but no cats. I’ll also need a home with a big yard, no condos or apartments for me. If you think I might be the perfect addition to your family, I’d love to meet you! I can not wait to find my furever family! Send in an application to the wonderful SCARS team and hopefully we can meet!