Meet KITTY. She was thrown away and left in a box. Thrown away as if she was worthless, as if her spirit didn’t matter. We wish this wasn’t true, that our intake team never heard and saw these situations. Sadly even with all the education we do, it still happens. A wonderful lady discovered her alone and in pain lying in a box. Knowing SCARS helps animals in grave need she called us immediately and rushed her to one of our veterinarian partners, located over an hour away to get help.
Poor Kitty was in obvious pain, but no broken bones. Her injuries were all internal, likely the result of an extreme impact to her abdomen. The force of the blow ruptured her spleen, destroyed her bladder and her lungs were full of fluid & bruising.
She could not be saved, too much damage, too much time passed. Such a helpless feeling, such a sad goodbye. We know the amazing staff at the clinic gave her comfort and love in her final hours, but making this decision is so heartbreaking.
🌈 Rest Easy Kitty. 🌈  You have your wings. We will honor your life, by continuing our mission to rescue those who have no voice.