Another emergency care story! **Warning Graphic Images**
To say Lenore had an eventful weekend would be an understatement. At 10:30 Saturday night, Lenore had gone into stage 1 labour. Previous x-rays had indicated she was only going to have one kitten, but it was going to be a big one. So, once she went into labour, her foster parents kept very close eye on her; all night long… and into the next morning. All night she was so restless and uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. Knowing that she may have a very difficult labour due to the kitten’s size, her fosters contacted Westlock Veterinary Center and it was decided that if there was no baby by noon, she needed to come in. Well that deadline came and went and still no baby, so she was packed up for the hour long drive.
On arrival a quick exam was done, as well as an ultrasound that showed a large kitten with a stressed heart rate and on top of that it was coming out backwards. So, Lenore was prepped for a c-section and after just a few minutes they managed to find her kitten, get him out and get him cleaned up. In no time that little kitten was crying at the top of his lungs! While under, Lenore was then spayed so she would never have to go through this ordeal again. And after about 45 minutes mom and her baby were reunited.
So please join us in welcoming all 131 grams of ‘heck yeah’; this beautiful kitten named Solo! He and his mom will spend a day or two recovering at the clinic and will be returned to their foster home where they will continue to recover.
We want to thank the wonderful staff of the Westlock Veterinary Center; Brendan, Jake, Reagan, Cassie and Kailee, who came in on their Sunday afternoon off to perform the surgery for Lenore and Solo.
*Lenore and Solo are not ready for adoption at this time*
Lenore & Solo update; Day 6. Lenore is recovering nicely from her surgery. She is very protective of her one and only kitten Solo, so she sticks close by when the foster parents are handling him. 🥰
Solo is gaining weight and is very strong and active for his age. He is nursing from mom and getting supplemental bottle feeds.