November 14, 2022… When Leo came into SCARS care, all we knew about him was that he’d been evicted due to his bad bathroom manners.
Little did we know how much trouble this handsome seal point snowshoe was in!
His first night in our care he peed and it was pure crimson red blood.
It was obvious something was very wrong and he was in immense pain so we rushed him in to see our vet. X-rays and ultrasound found a giant stone in his bladder (pics attached) so he had surgery to remove it, post surgery x-rays and ultrasound picked up another stone, so he went in for yet another surgery.
This poor guy would have been in so much pain, one stone is the size of a Smartie!
They will be sent off to the university for educational purposes, smartie size stones are very abnormal in cats. This blue eyed beauty is not yet available for adoption but watch the page, he will be soon! Thanks to everyone who has donated to help with his surgery. To donate, please go to