If you have adopted from SCARS, you know the contract says if you are unable to keep your pet you must return them to SCARS…… 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years after adoption we accept then back….. Once a SCARS Animal always a SCARS Animal.

Leo here and I am beyond grateful for the SCARS commitment to all their animals.  I was a SCARS dog and adopted out. Unfortunately, at some time my leg was injured and the growth plate damaged.  It is quite possible that it was a very small injury that was almost unnoticed it just happened at the wrong place on my leg. The damaged growth plate caused  the bones in my leg to grow at different rates.  Over time with one bone growing faster than the other, my leg began to twist and my foot turn to the outside. My mobility was impaired, but guaranteed it didn’t touch my happy go lucky nature.  Circumstances were such that I was returned to SCARS, who believe I could lead a better life if the leg was fixed.  SCARS called upon our friends at the Westlock Vet Center, Dr’s Trevor Jackson and Sven Pohl.  The surgery to repair my leg was very complicated, involving straightening the leg and using exterior pins to hold it in place. I must also wear a splint to bring my paw back in alignment. Surgery went according to plan and now it is up to my body to heal. Well I am not doing it alone, I get to stay with my new friend at the clinic, I get fresh splints complete with nifty bandages everyday, not to mention laser therapy. Thanks to the awesome animal health technicians caring for me…you guys are the best. We should know in a couple of weeks if the surgery was successful.  Keep me in your thoughts, I really am a wonderful fellow and it would be fabulous if the surgery works and I can run and jump like everyone else….then I am looking forward to finding my forever, forever home.