March 31, update… It is with very deep sadness that we let you know that we had to say goodbye to Leo. Leo was just a young dog found on the side of the road after being hit. A kind lady brought him to a vet, who called us. We immediately transferred him to the specialists at Guardian Veterinary clinic. Sadly after major surgery we did not get the results we had hoped for Leo. Sometimes no matter how hard  you try and hope, life is unfair. Thank you to all the vets and staff at Guardian Veterinary Centre for all your long hours and care you gave Leo. We are all heart broken. RIP Leo (aka Red).

March 27, 2022… A little update on Leo, who came in with some serious fractures to his back end. It’s been a few days since having major surgery at Guardian Veterinary Centre. Surgery went well and Leo is in good spirits. He is still at Guardian until he starts to use his legs. Please send good vibes to this sweet pup.To donate directly to Leo:
March 2022…  Meet Leo. A wonderful lady found him on the side of the road and brought into the local vet clinic where they gave us a call. We took him into our care.
He was transferred to Guardian Vet early this morning. He’s only a young pup. He has a Fractured Mid/Left Tibia and a Fractured Distal Femur. If you are able to assist us in his emergency vet care – we would be so thankful. If you can share Leo’s story – that would mean the world to us!