May 29, 2023 Update

McLaren is like a different puppy now, full of energy and life! She is playful, bitey, barky, and all the things that a puppy should be! She has 2 incisions, one of which has 9 stitches. Her foster parent is keeping a close eye on things, but she seems to be healing well. Her veterinary care exceeded $10,000 and SCARS is feeling the pressure of all of the vet bills. If you’re able, donate here!

May 25, 2023 Update

McLaren is back into her foster home after a few days at VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre! After the CT scan, it was determined she had issues with a lung lobe. Could be she swallowed a porcupine quill in the past, who know, but she’s safe, she’s recovering, and she’s a trooper. Thank you for all the support with. You can donate here to her care.

May 22, 2023

Little MacLaren came from the High Level area a few days ago and is at VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre with “spontaneous pneumothorax.” This awful condition can come on with no history of trauma or penetration into the thoracic cavity. It is an abnormal collection of gas in the between the lungs and the chest wall; essentially it’s her lungs collapsing. Please keep her in your thoughts.