🙌🙌Lois Lane Pupdate! 🙌🙌  Well folks, you may remember me from my first set of photos. My prolapse is receding and I am now in the loving care of a cozy foster home. My new foster mom is a first timer and she says she really lucked out with me! I am a good girl, do my business outside like a pro and I love to get hugs and give kisses! She says I am going to be really good at wrapping someone around my little paw. It will be a little longer before I am ready for adoption but keep an eye out for me to be posted on the website! Thanks for all the nice comments and words! A gal like me sure appreciates them!🐾❤️XO and lots of smooches.
July 1, 2022 – Not the Canada Day Party I was hoping for, but definitely a day for a Superhero to come and rescue me. Lois Lane, here, and it wasn’t a red caped masked man that came to my aid, but a team of brilliant, caring SCARS volunteers. I am in a world of hurt, having sustained a prolapse. I am now in emergency care with the team at Westlock Veterinary Center. Pain meds on board and a treatment plan underway. This condition can be tricky to treat so we will hope for the best and be sure to keep you updated. To donate, visit: www.scarscare.ca/donate