August 4, 2022. Yesterday we lost sweet Lucy. 🌈
Her owners brought her to Westlock Veterinary Center to surrender to SCARS. She had a blockage and after exploratory surgery, found out she ate a cloth. We thought she was on the mend until when she got excited to be outside, she went blue. She could not breath & had to be put on oxygen. So we had to take her to VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre and after another respiratory episode, they did a throat scope. She too, like the last husky pup we had, had a genetic abnormality that causes her larynx to shut. There is a surgery but chances are very slim, in fact so slim the best surgeon there only has seen one success case. The chance of aspirating is a serious risk as well.
It was very sad day to lose such a young sweet pup. 🌈🌈🐾🐾🌈🌈