This past long weekend was a very long weekend for our intake team. We had six new dogs/puppies enter our foster homes.
We had tons of emergency calls about cats, including Momma Tulip! She was surrendered to us as she required a c-section to get her baby out! We have named her Possum (see her story on another post).
Also, we got a call about a cat who was caught in a house fire. His pads were burnt, minor smoke inhalation and plastic was melted onto his fur. We are happy to say he’s doing much better today.
… Another call about a feral mom and her three babies. One more call about another feral mom cat and her two babies, and three adult male cats came into care.
Thank you to our team at Westlock Vet for the numerous calls and messages over the long weekend. We hope everyone stayed safe and enjoyed some time with their family and friends! ❤️ 🐾