I’m Meg. How do you do! My foster parents call me the bionic dog. While I’m not truly technologically enhanced, I do have some pretty impressive “hardware” in my leg.

To help you understand my injury, please try this simple thing – make a “thumbs up” motion. Now feel the long bone that is on the bottom of your forearm – that’s called the ulna. At some point in my life, I broke mine very badly. The ulna’s companion bone, the radius, didn’t break. It kept growing normally. My damaged ulna couldn’t keep up, so my right front leg became crooked and I walked with a significant limp.

SCARS works with excellent vets who consulted to determine the type of surgery that would help me best. We all wanted to save my leg!

I’m post surgery now and the prognosis is fair to good. The next 8 weeks will consist of restricted activity ( yawn!) and diligent care by my foster folks. For the next 6 weeks, I get to visit the vet every week for a splint change. Yay!

I like those people. An outing will be SO nice! Physio starts after that, and it will be the job of my foster family to make sure I have the best recovery and range of motion as possible.

Please consider donating towards my veterinary care! Bionic doesn’t come cheap!