Hello, my name is Melvin. For the past two years I’ve just been hanging out trying to survive. With the last cold snap, someone rescued me and surrendered me to SCARS. I’m currently healing from frostbite on both ears.
I’m a very timid and shy gentle giant; just a big baby at heart. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I hide. If I have nowhere to hide I sit with my head in a corner hoping no one can see me. I still flinch at first touch but really enjoy a good petting. I’ll let you know how much I enjoy it by how loud my farmer tractor purring is. I will let you pick me up and move me without a struggle. I’m very good when my nails are being cut. Once I know who you are and trust you I become more social.
My time of the day, is nighttime. At night I come out of my hiding spot and explore, eat, use my litter and ask for attention from my foster mom. Her bed is very soft and she lets me sleep on it all night. My favourite game is chase the hand or foot under the blankets. When playtime is over I like to roll around on my back and ask for tummy rubs. To get attention I will tap your hand with my white mittens or pull your hand to me. I have never growled, hissed, bitten or scratched my foster mom. I really like it when I get to watch YouTube videos of birds and other woodland creatures.
The foster animals in the house help to calm me. The dogs love me and I love them … I lean into them and rub and rub against them. The cats are curious about me and sometimes hiss softly, I sit still and hope that they will soon come to like me. I am looking for a forever home with adults/teens and a dog or two. My new owner needs to be patient and willing to spend time with me to help me become my best self. I’ve come a long way! 😸❤️