November 13, 2022 … This is a heartwarming plea from a SCARS foster home:
“I am writing this because I have heard so many people say if they could… they would foster puppies, then list a ton of reasons why they can’t.
❓People always ask me how I manage to foster puppies and not keep them all?
Well it’s simple really, I already have 3 large dogs that I love!
❓So why/how do I keep taking litter after litter?
❤️Who can say no to these faces??
I might also add that I also work full time! And… no it’s not from home! And it’s just me.
Do they miss me while I am gone, sure (at least I like to think so!)
❓But guess what??
❓Would you rather be in a room with the rest of your littermates fed and warm? Or under a car or deck freezing fighting for our lives??? I think that’s an easy choice.
❤️Fairly sure the 300 or so puppies that have come thru my care will vote for warmth!
🥶Winter is here, puppies (kittens) are suffering as you read this.
❓Why not try?
❓What is the worst can happen?”
The requests are piling up.
Every day we wake up to 30+ requests for animals.
If you can foster, we NEED you.