July 4, 2022 *Warning! Graphic Images Ahead* 🥹… One of today’s EMERGENCIES. 🚑🚑 This momma dog just arrived with her 10 puppies. 🐕 She’s such a good mom for continuing to feed her babies despite what appears to be mastitis that was left untreated. She is now at the Westlock Veterinary Centre receiving the care and treatment needed.  We will keep you posted on the outcome. One of the puppies isn’t doing great. So the amazing team is giving him some extra nutrition by bottle feeding. Please if you can, consider donating: www.scarscare.ca/donate
July 7 update.. Mom & 10 babies have settled in to our Athabasca Facility! We haven’t seen a case of mastitis this bad in a very long time but she’s currently safe, resting and getting all the TLC that she will need!
July 28 update: Kookie the mastitis mom and her 10 beautiful puppies are doing SO well and thriving.