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August 23/21 – When Oozy came into care, he was a tiny 4-week-old pup that came in from a rural vet as a surrender, not because someone did not care about him… but because his condition was critical & expensive. His mother was rescued by kind people & had been hit while pregnant. We do not know if his condition has anything to do with that. Little Oozy was having problems breathing. It was originally thought he may have a diaphragmatic hernia. He was taken to Guardian veterinary to see a specialist for what we thought would be life saving surgery… BUT turns out this is not what the problem is. After 24 hours in care, we still didn’t know what was wrong, but Oozy required oxygen. There were several possibilities and further diagnostic testing was needed.

August 27 update… Hi! Oozy here! I have settled into my foster home after the trip at the vet. Turns out I had been fighting pneumonia. Everyone at Guardian took really good care of me. I’ve got more energy now and love to run in between my foster mom’s feet. However, I still struggle with my breathing and it can sometimes cause me some vomiting. My foster parents feed me very small meals to prevent this from happening. But it happens from time to time. Even though I’ve been mostly isolated from my foster brothers to keep my energy levels low I cannot wait to play with them!

Sept 6 update… Oozy here, I just wanted to give you a bit of an update. 💕 🐶 I am doing much better, but I’m not fully out of the woods yet. I have the energy levels of a normal puppy, so I enjoy running around and playing with my foster brothers. Since my breathing still can give me some trouble, I tend to have longer naps after I play. My foster parents have been potty training me and I’ve been doing great! I do have accidents here and there but I usually follow my foster brothers’ lead. I’m also pretty vocal when I want attention and love. I am super cuddly and love to snuggle up to my foster brothers and parents. Life looked scary for a bit, but I’ve been enjoying my life since SCARS rescued me.
Sept. 24 update… Hi! Oozy here! I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on my life. It’s been a few weeks since my rescue and I am doing much better. I’ve gained weight. I’m growing and I’m developing a personality! I love playing with my foster brothers and nibbling on them when I want their attention. I’m a very happy boy. I love to cuddle up to my humans and foster brothers. I get all the attention because I’m super cute. I mean, have you looked at my face?
My foster family takes me on walks every day. However, I still need to be careful with the amount of activity I get, as I don’t want to strain my lungs. I’m not shy on asking my foster mom to pick me up and keep me warm. My eating has also gotten better. I’ve been less pukey. My main issue is that I LOVE food and I inhale it. So, my foster parents have to give me little bits at a time and make sure they spread it or make work for it because if not, I end up eating too fast. When I eat too fast is when I puke. Other than that, I’m doing quite well and SCARS is taking care of me! 💕 🐶

October 25 update… Hi! It’s Oozy here! I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on my life. I weigh only 10 lbs!! I am retaining food better than I was before. However, my foster parents still need to feed me in intervals so I don’t end up puking it all up. I love playing with my foster brothers and demanding anyone’s attention. I love to be petted and loved. My favourite place nap is on my foster mom. In other news, I visited the vet at the beginning of October and my lungs are still not completely healed 😕. So please, keep me in your thoughts. I really want my lungs to be better.

I discovered recently that I HATE the cold. My foster parents put weird stuff on me. They call them “sweaters?” I guess they’re meant to keep me warm, but I’m still not a big fan. I prefer to be picked up and cuddle until I’m warm. Since I dread going outside when it’s frosty or too cold, I still have accidents in the house here and there. Overall, I am growing and gaining weight. I love playing and receiving all the cuddles possible! 💕 🐶
It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce that Oozy crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday, November 25. We had the chance to love Oozy for nearly three months. His breathing began to decline as the weather became colder. But, we still hoped he would get better. With an emergency visit to Guardian vet, it was discovered that his condition had gotten worse & even with oxygen… Oozy couldn’t breathe. It was also discovered that he had other health issues that were going to be chronic. He was always going to struggle despite treatment. At four months old, Oozy passed away comforted in his foster mom’s arms. He’s no longer prisoner of his body and we are sure he is running happily in doggy heaven.
🌈Rest easy Oozy 🌈