Meet Orchid.

“A tiny black cat show up on our back deck this weekend. She was obviously starving, judging by how quickly she wolfed down our dogs food. Although she ran away when we first tried to approach her, her loneliness won out and soon she was purring and rubbing against us.

On closer inspection, we could see she was in rough shape. Nothing but bones, a respiratory infection so bad it had caused her nose to swell and eyes to ooze, and a horrific injury to the base of her tail—I’m thinking a close encounter with a predator. But despite all that, she was so sweet and almost aggressively affectionate. She’d clearly had a loving owner at some point. I’m hoping she was a runaway and not just dumped out in the country, as happens too often.

We already have four cats in residence, so we couldn’t take her in ourselves. I emailed SCARS and they called us back within 30 minutes. They asked a few questions and then told us they already had a foster home in mind. Fast forward to 8 pm and Orchid (they let us name her) was with her new foster “mom” and already stealing this kind person’s heart. She’ll receive vet care and once she recovers, they’ll help her find a forever home.

The world is a harsh place right now. Between COVID-19 and the political landscape, it’s hard to stay positive sometimes. But I’m so grateful for SCARS and the compassion they showed for one tiny black kitty tonight. I’m so happy tonight, Orchid will be safe, warm and loved. “

– Laura

*Not yet available for adoption*

Please keep this poor kitty in your thoughts.