July 12… Pom Pom the Pomeranian is in need of your help! We aren’t sure what’s causing the swelling but it’s absolutely due to some sort of trauma. We rushed Pom Pom over to our friends at Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency for further diagnostics, emergency CT scan & to be seen by the neurologist. 🤕 The quote for a case like hers already has exceeded $3,000. Please keep Pom Pom in your thoughts or donate directly to her here: www.scarscare.ca/donate
July 16 … Pom Pom Pup-Date ❤️‍🩹 🐾
Well… the news isn’t great but we are hopeful for this tough cookie to pull through. She has multiple skull fractures, a hematoma & cerebral spinal fluid build up which causes vision issues & very wobbly legs. She is now on pain meds and needs rest. We have a scheduled neurologist recheck in one month. The foster family is watching for worsening or changing neurological symptoms and we won’t really know if there will be any permanent damage until swelling comes down. Please keep her in your thoughts.
July 23rd Pom Pom Update. She is doing exceptionally well! She is happy, brighter and more alert. She comes when called and has been successfully pouncing her toys so her vision and coordination has improved remarkably. She has gained a lot of strength. She is eating much better, as in she can stand steady enough for long enough to get full. She is peeing and pooping with no difficulty. The swelling has significantly reduced. She is full of energy and it is amazing to see the incredible healing ability these tiny animals can do! *Not yet available for adoption yet & not accepting applications at this time*
Aug 26…Pom Pom PUP-DATE! 🐾🐾  Hi! It’s Pom Pom! The cutest little gal! I was the one with the multiple skull fractures, a hematoma, and had cerebral spinal fluid build up. (This caused vision issues, wobbly legs and discomfort.) Once the swelling was able to come down, it was shown that she has made a full recovery. The skull fractures are healed, the hematoma gone and she’s a happy healthy puppy. This recovery took about 7 weeks in total from intake to adoption. 🐾🐾 This tough cutie has found her forever home and we wish her the most amazing future. Thanks to all who donated to her care!