June 22, 2022 – One of the puppies, Louis Vuitton, wasn’t thriving so he had to spend some time at the Guardian Veterinary Centre. Thankfully, he is doing better and has been released from care to rejoin his litter mates at their foster home!
June 15, 2022 . Our amazing volunteer driver stopped to bottle feed these 13-day-old puppies at a rest stop after a six-hour commute to bring them to a foster home. It was a very late, last minute drive but we have the most amazing people that are keen to help animals!
SCARS stepped in to help when we got the call that the mom died, and we were the only option for the puppies to have a future. A foster home agreed to take on this around the clock dedication, care, nurture and love.
We are always in need of more foster homes to be able to save and house all these animals. If you’re interested in becoming a foster or to find out more information about it, please attend our next online volunteer & foster home orientation session!
June 18, 2022 update…
We have named this litter, the “Luxury” baby bottle puppies! These seven, two-week-old puppies will be keeping everyone busy for the next few weeks! We are happy to present the girls: Chanel, Dior & Versace. And the boys: Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Prada and Gucci.