Raz came into care on February 25th after being hit by a vehicle. He was in rough shape and was vomiting blood. After arriving at Pulse Vet, it was found that Raz has a pulmonary contusion, bruising of the lungs and 4 fractured ribs. The vet team will monitor him closely.
On March 1, Raz’s condition suddenly changed! To try to stop internal bleeding, he required urgent surgery. Raz needs an internal splint to keep his ribs from moving. This will cost around $2,000.
He is on the maximum allowed pain medication and it’s barely taking the edge off. His one lung is not functioning properly so he has been put on 95% oxygen to help assist him with breathing.
Raz needs your help! It is going to take up to $8,000 to get him through this risky surgery. Please donate to SCARS if you can.
March 2 update on Raz. ❤️ He has made it through a successful surgery! The placement of a splint on his body wall with sutures to restrict any movement of his broken ribs was recommended when Raz was not responding well to the pain medication and oxygen therapy. He will need to wear the splint for 2-3 weeks while his ribs heal and so long as he is tolerant of it. It was also noted that Raz had Ventral Entropion (scrolled inward eyelids) causing irritation to his corneas and discharge from both eyes. After placing the splint this was treated as well. The treatment will last approximately 5 months which is usually enough time for the lids to grow naturally into a normal position.We want to thank the amazing staff at Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergencyfor taking such good care of our good boy Raz! Also, thank you to all the wonderful donors who have given so kindly to Raz’s care. Our hearts are full and we cannot express enough how appreciative we are! 💕🐶
March 8 update… Raz wanted to take a moment to let everyone know he is doing much better after having surgery. ❤️

Hi everyone! Thank you all for your well wishes while I was in rough shape at the vet. I am eating well and going outside for short walks now. I’m still on antibiotics, pain medication, an anti-inflammatory and I still need to wear my splint. I do have a check up scheduled with the doctor in couple weeks to check my splint. My foster family has made sure that I am comfortable and I am so happy to have them while I rest.