May 25, 2021 – Skin conditions seem to be non-stop for us. Rocky, a middle aged gentle guy, came in with what vets think maybe an autoimmune disorder that is causing lesions and infection all over his body. This is very painful especially to walk since his feet are covered in sores. 🤕❤️
He is currently being treated and further testing is being done to find out what’s going on with poor Rocky.
Aug 23 Memorial Update… Dear sweet Rocky joined the SCARS family a few months ago. He came into care with severe sores all over his body. The sores were not the result of injury or infection, but an auto immune disorder. He joined one of our wonderful foster homes who, along with our vet care team, tackled his health issues. After successfully getting him stable and comfortable, we set about looking for a home for him. We are so grateful for the wonderful people in this world, who courageously adopt a senior dog, knowing that the days left ahead are few. They bravely step up with love and kindness, knowing there is heartbreak ahead. Rocky found this family. He was adopted on July 22 and lived the rest of his days in their loving care on a beautiful acreage.
Rocky peacefully found his wings this past weekend. Our deep sympathy and thanks to his foster family and his adopters, who gave him an amazing second chance. 🌈 🐾